The following contests will be held at MHJN 2021: Showmanship, Sales Talk, Fitting, Judging, Arts & Crafts, Photography, and Speech. Exhibitors need to be entered in EVERY contest, including Showmanship, they wish to participate in by entry deadline.

It is not mandatory to participate in the contests, but we do encourage it.

This is an overview for the contest the complete Rules can be found here. 

Arts & Crafts Statement of Originality Link



No-fit, no adhesive is allowed Showmanship will be blow & go.

One exhibitor per animal is allowed in Showmanship. 

Must wear MHJN T-Shirt, provided to every exhibitor.  

There will be a separate class for Pre Junior exhibitors who require assistance.

Class breaks will be determine after entries are complete per age division

Sales Talk

The purpose of this contest is to evaluate the effectiveness of the presentation and the exhibitor’s ability to merchandise cattle.

The exhibitor will attempt to "sell" a Mini Herf to a "buyer"

The judges will use one photo and registration certificate to evaluate the pedigree and may use the information provided by the exhibitor to ask questions. 

**Animals are not used

cattle comb.jpg

The purpose of the Fitting Contest is for the exhibitors to test their fitting abilities and teamwork. 

Pre-Juniors, Juniors, Intermediate, and Senior Division teams will be divided up by their age groups, with a RANDOM selection AT THE EVENT.

Each Pre-Junior division team will be assigned a Senior and/or Intermediate as a mentor to coach/help them.

There will be no clipping in Pre-Junior & Junior Divisions; only paints and glues.


The  purpose of the Judging Contest is for the exhibitors to test their ability to evaluate desirable beef cattle phenotype.


Pre-Junior exhibitors or any exhibitor who needs assistance to complete the placing cards will be assisted by the group leaders.

Judge 4 classes of cattle, consisting of 4 head per class – 2 classes of females, 1 class of bulls, and 1 class of steers.

Arts & Crafts

The purpose of this contest is to allow exhibitors to showcase their artistic skills (ex. painting, video, sculpture, artistic posters, music, etc.).This project is completed at home by only the exhibitor.

One entry per exhibitor.

The Exhibitor will need to print and complete Statement of Originality  to turn in with their project. 


The purpose of this contest is to help exhibitor increase their communication skills through the creative display of a message or feeling through photography.  

This project is completed at home by the exhibitor. One entry per exhibitor.

All photos must be mounted on 11”x 14” foam core or gator board that is at least 1/8’thick. Photos can be any size up to including 11”x14” but must be mounted on 11”x14” foam core or gator board.  


The purpose of this contest is to help exhibitors increase their communication skills in public speaking.