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Miniature Hereford Junior Nationals Junior Committee

Junior Committee Application Link 

Committee Structure

  1. Committee shall be made up of no more than twelve (12) Junior members.  Once the committee reaches twelve (12) members, the Committee Structure, Eligibility and Responsibility of Members process may be reevaluated.

  2. Committee shall have an assigned MHJNA Committee Member Advisor/s.

  3. Committee Term shall be a two-year event term. A Junior may serve multiple terms; after term has been completed the Junior shall reapply at end of their term.

  4. Elected Junior Committee members shall be allowed ONE free entry to MHJNA show per year.

  5. Junior Applications will be reviewed and approved by the MHJNA Board annually and as needed.


  1. Open to Junior Exhibitors 7th grade to max age of eligibility for exhibiting at MHJNA Event.

  2. Must have participated/exhibited in a prior MHJNA event.

  3. Must abide by the Code of Conduct: All members on the committee and in attendance at the MHJNA are expected to conduct themselves in a manner becoming of a Junior Member. Violations of the above standard include, but are not limited to misrepresentation of animals, vandalism, theft, fighting, unsportsmanlike conduct, failure to comply with the directives of officials, being in possession or under the influence of intoxicating beverages or other prohibited substance on or about the grounds, or unwilful violation of rules

Responsibilities of Members

  1. Members are required to participate (volunteer at a minimum) prior to and at MHJNA shows during their term.

  2. Members shall communicate with other Junior and Pre-Junior members for feedback to be provided to the MHJNA Board for future MHJNA Event planning.

  3. Members are required to participate with multiple tasks at MHJNA such as new member meeting, contests, show ring assistance, etc.

  4. Members should always conduct themselves as representatives of MHJNA.  Conduct unbecoming will be grounds for removal from the Junior Committee.

  Application Process for Prospective Committee Members

  1. All applications shall be submitted electronically to   

  2. Complete application

  3. Letter of recommendation from a respected community member or school official.  This person should not be a family member or relative.

  4. Photograph, headshot of potential member.   This can/will be used in publications of the MHJNA both in print and online.

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